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  • Thomas Jones

    May 24, 2023 at 5:36 pm

    I have some amazing evidence of what’s at the very top of the evil system, and the source of all this evil, believe it or not. When the plandemic began, I prayed to be used to save the world, and set out to expose and encourage opposition to the New World Order, here, in Central Texas. All this very strange paranormal and UFO activity started happening around and to me. I started getting overtly harassed and my life threatened, by, what turned out to be, evil reptilian demon monsters, and disembodied souls of theirs (I’m linking to photo evidence). I prayed to be sent angels, to help and speak to me, audibly, so I’d know it wasn’t my imagination.
    Long story, short, I got contacted by extremely intelligent, benevolent, reptilian, “angels.” A different, superior species, who, unlike the demons would do, said they love Jesus Christ. Thet told me to trust in God, keep my eyes set on Christ, and not to worry, because they wouldn’t let the demon monsters anywhere near me, physically.
    I learned a lot, from firsthand experience, and by asking the angels questions. The evil monsters have been covertly manipulating our minds, telepathically, with a natural ability, of theirs, utilizing quantum entanglement, causing all kinds of problems. They can transmit voices, by modulating the sound waves in our environment, with a natural telekinetic ability, and are what’s tormenting schizophrenics. With their evil human hybrids, they’ve been infiltrating the positions of power and influence, for thousands of years. Their motive has been to literally get high on some kind of energy produced when we suffer. The angels have, very recently, launched their major attack on the evil ones, and are in the unprecedented process of taking them out. (The demon monsters are what’s doing the mysterious cattle mutilations, too, to torture the cows, and sometimes drink the adrenalated blood).
    The evil ones are now starting to realize that it’s over for them, and that they will, indeed, be taken to Hell, where their immortal souls will be tortured, forever. We are now witnessing the evil ones panicking and throwing the kitchen sink at us. They will cause as much harm as they can, on their way down.
    The angels highly value our freedom, autonomy and our, “path.” They want us to help as much as we can, but they will handle that which we are unable, logistically. DO NOT BE TRICKED BY THE DEMONS INTO CAUSING VIOLENCE. That’s what they like to do, and have several ways of instigating unjustified violence. That’s what’s behind all these crazy murder cases we always hear about. (One thing they can do is emulate voices, making people think they are being talked about, behind their back).
    To block the telepathic attacks, you must pray and ask for the Holy Spirit, and then command The Devil and demons to release you and/or whomever, in Jesus Christ’s name. This must be done often, because they come back. Christian music also tortures them away.
    I’ve written a summary, with evidence, at
    Please help spread this info and this source. It’s extremely important. We will win, for sure, but it’s a process. This is what the Bible was predicting. Everyone needs to learn what’s been happening to us. It’s our responsibility to expose it.


  • Russ

    May 24, 2023 at 6:44 pm

    Could you please publish the names on the warrants? I’m in NY and New York City is sending bus loads of illegals to Syracuse. It would help us if we could identify those that have a warrant. Not sure if our police would do anything but it would be worth a try.


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