The old ways of warfare, perfected by ISIS in a modern approach to killing and now being utilized by Hamas who is a proxy of Iran, these methods were formed from the Einsatzgruppen killing teams, developed by the Nazi’s and involved a systematic approach to ethnic cleansing. This killing process consisted of five basic steps.

Firstly, small specialized units, made up of Nazi police officers who were lightly equipped and highly autonomous, were sent into a specific territory with the goal of exterminating the local population of a targeted ethnicity. These units would work with indigenous sympathizers to identify the victims. Once the victims were identified, they would be herded by selection teams and separated by gender. All their property would be appropriated.

Next, a location would be prepared or adapted for mass execution, which would then be carried out. The victims’ bodies would be buried, often to conceal the act of killing. The cycle would then begin again, with the process being repeated in different areas. The success of this method relied on keeping the mass murders secret, so that the targeted population would be unaware of their impending fate.

However, in contrast to the old ways of warfare, Hamas’ approach on October 7th was completely different. They wanted the world to witness their atrocities, and they took pleasure in their acts of slaughter. The Einsatzgruppen, on the other hand, did not demonstrate the same level of evident enjoyment in their grim task.

The use of small, mobile, and independent groups of executioners to inflict harm on communities has been resurrected as a blueprint for genocide in the modern age. This tactic, known as Einsatzgruppen killing methodology, was developed by the Nazis and has been adopted by terrorist organizations with genocidal intentions. By maintaining mobility and operational independence, these groups can effectively carry out campaigns of mass murder.

One example of the Einsatzgruppen tactics being utilized is in Ukraine, where Russian forces committed a massacre in the town of Bucha, killing hundreds of civilians, including children and hostages. These killings were carried out by small, swiftly moving groups of fighters who operated autonomously.

Hamas, a terrorist organization operating in the Middle East, has also adopted these tactics. In their attack on Israel on October 7th, they utilized small, specialized units to strike at their targets. This adoption of the Einsatzgruppen tactics is not surprising, as Hamas has long espoused genocidal intentions towards Jews, as stated in their 1988 covenant. The language used by Hamas, calling for the killing of Jews and the hiding of Jews behind stones and trees, is eerily similar to the statements made by Nazi official Hans Frank in 1939. Both express a desire for the elimination of Jews and the belief that killing them represents a victory.

These examples highlight how terrorist organizations with genocidal intentions have embraced the Einsatzgruppen tactics as a means to carry out their goals. They have recognized the effectiveness of small, mobile, and independent groups of fighters in inflicting mass harm on targeted communities. We must remember the goal of our enemies, to eliminate the infidels, the little and big satan, Israel and America. The puppet masters behind these terror organizations are in collaboration behind a thin vale of secrecy. China, Russia and Iran have one determined agenda and that is to eradicate those who stand in the way of a globalist tyrannical society. 

Examining the actions of the President of the United States, through his actions we can surmise that this President and administration stands on the side of such enemies. 

This administration’s blatant open border policies to weaken our country and create an open door for a private army and terror cells to flourish within our communities, the continued disregard for border security has not only allowed illegal immigrants to enter our country unchecked, but it has also created a dangerous loophole for potential terrorists to exploit. By failing to address this issue head-on, our current administration is putting the safety and well-being of American citizens at risk.

Groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran’s revolutionary guards, and ISIS have proven time and again that they are willing to go to any lengths to advance their radical ideologies. They have carried out countless attacks on innocent civilians, caused mass destruction, and spread fear and chaos wherever they go. Yet, our government seems to turn a blind eye to these realities, refusing to acknowledge the gravity of the threat they pose.

By neglecting to confront these terrorist organizations, our leaders are inadvertently normalizing their heinous actions. They are sending a message that their acts of violence and terror are somehow justifiable or acceptable. This not only denigrates the victims of their atrocities but also erodes the fundamental principles and values upon which our nation was built. In the face of such a grave threat, it is our duty to take a strong and unwavering stand against these terrorist groups. We cannot afford to let political preferences and diplomatic niceties hinder our ability to protect our citizens and defend our nation. It is imperative that we prioritize the safety and security of our country above all else.

To combat these terror cells, and private armies that may have already found refuge within our communities, we must reinforce our borders, target the cartels who are training and working with these terror organizations (designate them as such) strengthen intelligence,  privatize intel with direct cooperation with trusted LEO’s, agencies, and enhance collaboration with our allies. We need to invest in advanced technology and intelligence sharing to effectively detect and neutralize any potential threats. Furthermore, we must condemn and isolate these terrorist organizations on the global stage. It is essential that we rally international support to put pressure on state sponsors of terrorism and hold them accountable for their actions. We must work together as a united front to dismantle the infrastructure and financial networks that sustain these groups.

Our country’s security and the preservation of our shared values are non-negotiable. We cannot afford to compromise or appease those who seek to harm us, It is high time we demand accountability from our leaders and insist on a comprehensive and proactive approach to countering terrorism. Together, we can safeguard our borders, protect our communities, and ensure that the moral compass of our nation remains intact. Let us not allow the open border policies and the normalization of terror to weaken the very fabric of our society. The time to act is now, for the safety of our citizens. Furthermore, the adoption of the Einsatzgruppen tactics by these terrorist organizations demonstrates a disturbing trend towards a new face of evil warfare. By deliberately targeting civilians and seeking to maximize casualties, these groups aim to instill fear and sow division among populations. Their acts of terror are not just meant to further their own ideological goals, but also to undermine the fabric of society and challenge the legitimacy of the West’s values and institutions.

It is crucial that we recognize and condemn these acts of terrorism for what they are – acts of violence and mass murder. We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by any misguided attempts to justify or rationalize these actions as resistance or corrective measures against perceived historical injustices. However, as we address these external threats, we must also address the internal ones. The fact that some members of our own Congress are openly supporting and sympathizing with terrorist groups is a grave concern that cannot be ignored. We need strong leadership and decisive action to hold these individuals accountable for their treasonous actions. 

We have witnessed treasonous acts by congressional members such as Talib Rashad quoting terrorist slogans “From the River to the Sea” a phrase to exterminate the Jews, with the support of other members of the squad supporting such terrorist groups. Terrorism should never be accepted as a legitimate form of political discourse, and we must stand united in conveying this message to the world.

The October 7 attacks on Israel serve as a reminder of the evolving nature of warfare and the changing face of evil. It is crucial that we remind our government, including the President, of their primary duty to secure our nation, protect our borders, and ensure the safety of legal American citizens. The enemies we face are both from outside and within our gates, which is a result of the President’s weak and purposeful destructive immigration policies. Due to these policies we need to be prepared for multiple horrifying terrorist attacks, similar to what has been witnessed in Israel. It is essential to remain vigilant in defending our communities and preparing for these foreseeable threats.

On The Frontlines and In The Fight,

Christie Hutcherson

Women Fighting For America