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We must amplify our efforts for being on the offense and stop being ill equipped and consistently playing from behind.  The Communists have been out maneuvering and out spending us for decades because they want to own us, we consistently have allowed them to win through manipulation, political correctness, woke-ness, racial division, corporate bullying and labeling.

Mass campaigns on the issues of today – unconstitutional mandates, CRT, masking children, corporate forced vaccines, vaccine passports, military, open borders, national security, defund police, etc…

We have the dire warnings of history on our side – We are burning down, we can no longer be on the sidelines, we can no longer afford to do nothing. Join the in the fight to save America, use the 7-WEEK TAKE ACTION PLAN to make a difference now, your family will thank you for it!

In The Fight and On The Frontlines,

Christie Hutcherson,
Founder of Women Fighting For America, LLC


Step By Step Action Plan

  • Week 1: Join WOMEN FIGHTING FOR AMERICA, text FIGHT to 91776 to advocate for increased funding to county sheriffs and prosecutors.
  • Week 1: Join us as a CITIZEN ACTIVIST to advocate for election integrity at the county board and state legislature level.
  • Week 1: Educate yourself, obtain a copy of The Constitution of the United States, your State Constitution, and a copy of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government ($14 paperback patriots text book).
  • Week 2: Critically examine your local, state and federal office holders. Attend their events and listen to what they say; judge their words against their deeds. Ask direct questions like, “do you support legislation to reinforce our county sheriff’s and prosecutors to fight child rape and drug trafficking? Do you support election integrity legislation to add a watermark and audit trail to our ballots?
  • Week 2: LOOK FOR AMERICA FIRST CANDIDATES, then test candidate words against actions directly, are they consistent from event to event, DO NOT take someone else’s word over your own judgement.
  • Week 2: And when the candidates in the races that affect the offices that are those you vote for, consider challenging poor performers in a primary. Nothing scares a politician straight like a challenger.
  • Week 3: Give directly to the candidates who have demonstrated trustworthiness, and fidelity to their oath of office and promises made. THEN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Don’t give to a party, look your candidates in the eye, shake their hand and observe whether they can look you in the eye without looking away. Determine, are they America First or party first, or some other agenda first.
  • Week 4: Become a Precinct Delegate or Committeeman, get involved with grassroots orgs who are active in your local community and knock on doors, volunteer at the polls, gather petition signatures for AMERICA FIRST CANDIDATES and initiatives.
  • Week 4: Become a PITA, it is the squeaky wheel that gets attention. Make daily calls/emails to your local, state and federal reps- to keep serious pressure on the issues you want them to vote on. Write letters and mail them to your elected officials. Mail matters to these people.
  • Week 5: Invite your Sheriff to a Meet & Greet group (30 friends). THEY HOLD THE KEY! Offer encouragement to them through monthly meetings, coordinate support for them, ask them to sign a Community Compact to refuse enforcement of unconstitutional mandates, and laws the users civil rights. For Sheriffs who refuse, fire them… find a challenger and primary them in the next election. Recalls are a waste of resources, and seldom work.
  • Week 5: Promote key domestic security legislation including ballot fraud counter measures, increased penalties for state border crimes such as child rape trafficking, trespass criminal law, and prohibition of fictions American history like the 1619 Project.
  • Week 6: Find Judges that consistently rule from sound constitutional perspective – not from political ideology. Back them and support them – above all, hold them accountable.
  • Week 6: Find and support Public School Board candidates to challenge all board members who allow Critical Race Theory (CRT), promiscuous sex ed (PSE) and Common Core (CC) into their public school systems.
  • Week 7: SHOW UP — SHOW UP — SHOW UP. Be in the crowd that attends rally and events, head count matters, it is what the media cannot ignore. Always bring a friend, there is power in numbers.
  • Week 7: There is help to write candidate platforms that will resonate with voters who have had it with the teaching of self loathing and the false narrative of American hope. Contact the WFFA Policy Board, the work may already be done for your ideas.
  • Support organization like Women Fighting for America (WFFA) who direct their money at the heart of the problem, exposing the truth when politicians dodge and the media covers for them. Every dollar of your financial support goes to the WFFA mission of saving America by shining a bright light on lies, deceit and government inaction.
  • Get creative, make short video’s and post them on social media. Do FaceBook live short commentaries on what you see wrong with political correctness, politicians who dodge questions, policies that are failing you community. Be a PITA! Run with the example set by Louden County parents, they changed the political land scape in Virginia by SHOWING UP!
  • Start speaking up! Do not allow your voice to be silenced. Do not give in to the PC police. Stand up for your constitutional rights. At work, school, home, etc… Remember, the First Amendment is a check against the government controlling your speech.
  • LEARN the Constitution and bill of rights. Learn your states Constitution. Give a pocket Constitution to stranger, family, friends. (Keep them on hand) Have dinner conversations with your family, children, grandkids on what made America great, our history and founding.
  • Stop buying from ANY company that is anti-American. There is serious power in our wallets, Shop ONLY at our list of America First, Patriotic companies. THIS IS KEY – it may be a little difficult or inconvenient at times but isn’t your liberty and freedoms worth the sacrifice?
  • Challenge advertisers who support leftist “newspapers”. They listen to customers, and when a team of letter writers complain about their support of a “newspaper” focused on misrepresentation, and promotion of the marxist ideology, notify the advertiser that they are losing your business. Then door knock to share your letter to the advertisers.
  • Avoid duplication of efforts. Work with your neighbors, choose the organization you join wisely, work with those that collaborate. We MUST UNITE, setting ego’s aside.

The Socialist oligarchy is well financed, they don’t beg for money, they don’t have to, they already have your money from the people you do business with.

Pray over your giving. Consider what you will give up to be a financial warrior, then set up a regular giving pattern. Check the “Make this a monthly donation” box to be a committed supporter. $10 a month is less than the cost of a single breakfast at your local diner, but it adds up!

Holding on to something that will be worthless in a year or two to feel secure will not change the direction we are headed. WE must heavily fund these projects, or we will not have a country. Our children will never know the America we grew up in. She will fall to the dark forces aligned against us, sworn enemies of America including Communist China, Russia, Iran and other source nations promoting terrorism. We will be slaves to a Regime with no voice, no money, no freedom and certainly no liberties. The time to stand is now!

Battle Ready Plan

You were born a mighty Warrior!

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Download OUR Battle Ready Plan

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