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Women Fighting for America, LLC. is a frontline freedom organization standing up for freedom and liberty across America and the world. Women Fighting for America was founded in 2020 by Christie Hutcherson with the vision to fight for and restore the freedom and liberties that were established in the founding of our great nation.

The war for freedom is real. Child Trafficking. Human Trafficking. Sex Trafficking. Organ Trafficking. Youth Indoctrination. Grooming of Our Children. Drug Trafficking. Border Incursions. These are the weapons of warfare. They are real, and they are here on our soil.

Women Fighting for America is focused on educating, spreading biblical truth, protecting values and the constitution; to expose and counter those seeking to undermine the sovereignty of our nation and our freedom. We encourage bravery as we join together to be the strength of our country and families.

Founder, Christie Hutcherson

Fighter for Truth, Light, and the Voiceless

Christie Hutcherson is the Founder, President, and Spokesperson for Women Fighting for America LLC. (WFFA). She is widely recognized as a geopolitical security expert with extensive knowledge. Christie is a powerful and dynamic speaker within the Freedom Movement.

100+ Border Ops Missions. 2,500+ Miles on the Border.

Christie is a front-line fighter for freedom. She is one of the only Americans who has traveled the entire southern border and hundreds of miles of our forgotten northern border in her quest to save America. Christie has led over 100 border missions. She has seen firsthand the devastation of illegal immigration, child and human trafficking, organ trafficking, massive amounts of lethal drugs entering the USA, and the atrocities committed by the transnational criminal organizations.

Experience Christie’s passion and in the field truths first hand by tuning into her show On the Frontlines with Christie Hutcherson airing on BrighteonTV.com every Sunday 1:00 pm ET and Tuesday 4:00 ET.


Women are once again in the unique position to fight for all of our rights.

What we do:
  • Guaranteeing rights for all
  • Leading women and families to Christ
  • Prioritizing American citizens in the workforce
  • Promoting patriotic education standards
  • Supporting our veterans and military families


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Women Fighting for America, LLC
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Women Fighting for America, LLC
6017 Pine Ridge Road Suite 350
Naples, FL 34119