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“Christie Hutcherson is among the bravest and most courageous people I have ever met. She is fearless in her pursuit to expose the massive corruption and trafficking of human lives and illegal narcotics entering illegally through the U.S. southern border. She is a singular and fearless force to be reckoned with and daily makes a positive difference in the lives of millions of Americans. Without her expert skills and strong leadership, the United States of America would be even less safe and that says a lot.”

Michael T. Flynn
LTG, USA (Retired)

“Christie has become a close and sincere friend over the past few years, This is a fearless and brave woman, standing on the frontline of the United States southern borders (where our MEN should be, Monitoring, Documenting and at her own personal risk trying to slow down and halt the trafficking of people across the border and also illegal drugs and weapons.

This is an extremely tough and dangerous job that deserves all the recognition, support and accolades that she deserves.

Once you have met this amazing Lady, you will never forget her. She is a true warrior. The American people owe a debt of gratitude to this amazing Lady.

Thank you Christie!”

Charlie Ward
Patriot and Leader of The Great Awakening

“Christie Hutcherson is among the most effective and courageous conservative advocates that I have had the pleasure to work with in my 40 years of experience.

Christie and her organization Women Fighting for America have been in the forefront of virtually every vital public policy fight facing our nation today.

Christie  has shown particular leadership on the issue of illegal immigration going so far as to put her own life and safety at risk in order to inform and educate the American people as to what is really going on on our southern border.

I know of few selfless, brave and resourceful patriots who are as effective or committed as Christie Hutcherson. She merits both our support and our respect.”

Roger Stone
Political Consultant, Lobbyist and Author

“Christie is a strong patriot in the woman’s movement motivated to preserve freedoms granted to us by our founding fathers. She realizes there is a war against our family unit; especially against the children of this nation. She works hard to expose corruption at the US border and corruption in the United States government. She is a shining example of the calling that women today hear as patriots and mothers to fight for what’s right and God given.”

Patrick Byrne
Founder of and Philanthropist

“Christie Hutcherson is a true patriot. The extraordinary service which she has consistently provided throughout her distinguished career has now become more essential than ever. A great force for good in America, our country benefits tremendously from her invaluable accomplishments. Christie’s generous acts of service for the U.S.A. exceed all words and are too numerous to count.“

Sid Miller
Commissioner, Texas Department of Agriculture

“To say Christie Hutcherson is a patriot is not describing the real woman in action. She’s a fierce defender of human life, especially the people who are pawns of cartel operations profiting off the trafficking of women and children. Her focus on our borders has resulted in intelligence with national security implications. Christie shares that data with our US CBP and additional law enforcement agencies, resulting in practical  and actionable counter intelligence resulting in the apprehension of drug mules, human traffickers and insight into cartel operations as well as threats to all Americans. I am proud to know this incredible woman, mother, freedom defender and friend.”

Ann Vandersteel
Co-Chair Zelenko Freedom Foundation

“Christie Hutcherson’s work with Women Fighting For America (WFFA) is unsurpassed in its contributions to our Republic, and our children. I’ve traveled with Christie and her team to the United States’ southern border and saw, firsthand, the dangers of open borders. It’s beyond heroic, what she does. It’s Saintly. In my view, Christie Hutcherson is doing heroic and saintly work as she fights for America and fights for the rescue of children from sex trafficking and fights to stem the tide of drug trafficking”

Doug Billings
Host of The Right Side

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