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Christie Hutcherson

FOUNDERChristie Hutcherson

Christie Hutcherson is the Founder, President, and Spokesperson for Women Fighting for America LLC. (WFFA). She is widely recognized as a geopolitical security expert and sought-after speaker with broad connections in the Freedom Movement.

Christie is a front-line fighter for freedom. She is one of the only Americans who has traveled the entire 2,000 miles of the southern border and hundreds of miles of our forgotten northern border in her quest to save America. Christie has led over 100 border missions establishing Women Fighting for America as a clear leader in exposing and fighting the corruption on our borders.

She has seen firsthand the devastation of illegal immigration, child and human trafficking, organ trafficking, massive amounts of lethal drugs entering the United States, and the atrocities committed by transnational criminal organizations.

Women Fighting for America was birthed to promote the truth about the Judeo-Christian foundations of government in America, to educate without bias, to protect the constitution, and provide a platform to spread that truth. Miss Hutcherson has a strong passion to be a bold advocate for America, its soul, and its moral compass. Christie is compelled as a Christian to shine the light in the darkness. She is passionate about the key role that women hold historically, which is currently shaping our nation’s future. As a professional woman, Christie desires to advance women’s contributions and voices as it pertains to the American dream and culture. Her role as a mother fuels her fight for education, the future of the children, the protection of the family, and the value it holds for American society. Her desire is to link arms with like-hearted women and others, establishing a collaborative effort.

PoliciesHow we can build a better country together!

We will not sit by while those that seek to fundamentally transform America into a socialist communist society demean and destroy our traditional family values.

Christie Hutcherson

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