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In the Fight on the Front Lines

Women Fighting For America is a new women’s movement dedicated to educating women about the different visions for America. We support and defend our liberty and freedom and a vision of America where everyone can pursue the American dream. Today, American’s closely held beliefs and freedoms seem to be under constant attack from main stream media, elitist academia, judicial activists, foreign aggressors, and many times elected politicians. These attacks highlight the two extremely different ideologies fighting for our country’s future. Will we stand by and let America become a socialist, Marxist or communist nation and give our children up to this hopeless vision?

W.F.F.A. was formed to assist women from all walks of life to push back on the daily attacks on the nuclear family and defend American values.

W.F.F.A. will provide women across the country the tools needed to impact their local communities and the future of our great nation. Stay tuned for more information about the H.E.A.R.T. Chapters forming in cities across America.

PrioritiesWomen are once again in the unique position to fight for all of rights.

What we do:
  • Guaranteeing rights for all
  • Leading women and families to Christ
  • Prioritizing American citizens in the workforce
  • Promoting patriotic education standards
  • Supporting our veterans and military families

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